About Harmony studio

Harmony studio was founded back in 2014 with the intention to create space for you, where you will feel at home, where you will take time to recharge both through exercise and relaxation.

In the studio we mainly practice various types of yoga, but we also organize other meetings, courses and workshops on various topics related to different movement areas and personal development. We work with doulas, we paint mandalas, practice tai-chi and chi-kung, we dance, meditate and dive into discussions not only about yoga.

Our classes are led by lecturers with their unique personalities and stories about how they got to yoga. Some of them found their home in yoga on their journey to inner peace or simply because they were looking for compensation of the mental pressure stemming from their professions. Others have dedicated their professional lives to health and to discovering the secrets of human body and psyche and their combination, which yoga does connect.

Harmony studio carries a characteristic lavender scent and you can always enjoy a cup of warm herbal tea that warms both your soul and your body. We hope that you will find peace with us, which is so lacking in today’s busy world. Yoga is a way to understand yourself and others.

Harmony studio – a place to take a break, relax and recharge.

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