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Eva Jurčová

Founder of Harmony studio
Eva Jurčová

Despite the fact (or perhaps because of it😊) that I am an active type of person, yoga has enchanted me so much that it has become a part of my life.

I first encountered yoga in 2004. I got to know it gradually, and since I was living in Prague at that time, I had many opportunities to go for yoga. I did Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga, Hatha yoga and Kundalini yoga. I also attended shamanic seminars, family constellations, spontaneous dance… In 2007 I felt that I wanted to learn more about yoga and decided to undergo a yoga teacher training. These were wonderful moments full of joy, new knowledge, meeting open people and gathering new experience.

After completing this course, I was tempted by Ashtanga yoga and I started to devote myself to it intensively, or at least I tried to do so, because at that time I had two small children and everyday practice, which is so important at Ashtanga, was a big challenge. I did not manage to practice every day, but I practiced very early in the morning and especially during classes with Lenka Kýrová and Dalibor Štědronský. Later I also attended a workshop with Dalibor Štědronský, who gave me a deeper insight into Ashtanga and gave me valuable advice. I also consider Jaro Pávek to be my teacher, from whom I also had the opportunity to learn a lot.

Every seminar, whether it was about yoga, healthy exercise, ayurveda, shamanic rituals, Chinese medicine, alternative treatments, or qi gong, moved me somewhere and gave me something. Today I see yoga a little differently. Yoga is not just asana practice for me. It is a deep journey into its essence. Everything is related to everything. Interest in yoga, years of practice, moments spent with different people – all these experiences have been interconnected within me and I try to pass them on as a whole in my yoga classes.

The path of yoga also taught me to perceive my body, breath, feelings and emotions. To realize the body’s reactions to emotions. As we learn to work with our breath and attention, relaxation comes and the mind we can work with is calmed down. When we equalize the breath, the body is equalized. Regular internal practice teaches me to be an observer.

By conscious work we can change the setting of the body, breath, but also the perception of the world around us. With love and gratitude. Yoga is a mission for me.