Did you know that in many countries yoga classes are apart of school education? It is an ideal movement for all children.

This class is specifically tailored to children’s abilities. It is carried in a friendly and playful atmosphere. Children will find what they enjoy – creating, playing fairy tales, trying out diverse, tailor-made positions that are inspired by nature and animals. Children will experience what it is like to be a mountain, a tree, a cat, a butterfly, a monkey, a lion or a cobra. Thanks to this projection, yoga also has a positive effect on their imagination. Some classes contain even drawing and singing.

What does the class look like?

In this class, we also practice breathing exercises, thanks to which children learn to breathe properly and consequently maintain correct posture, not only during yoga classes. Every class is different and all activities are playful and fun. There’s also a bit of relaxation. Relaxation is guided by a fairy tale, various affirmations, we play silence games, children learn to listen to their heartbeat, listen to their breath and listen to themselves.

Your children will love yoga because there is no room for competition in these classes. There are no winners or losers. What is important is to have a pleasant playful exercise and find a path to themselves

The classes are suitable for children from 4 to 9 years. Even with children, however, age is just a number and each child is unique 🙂. So no matter what age he or she is, if they have a desire to experience yoga, the door is open.

What are the benefits of yoga for kids?

Yoga teaches hyperactive children to soothe and to concentrate. It also helps quieter children to build their self-confidence and to express themselves.

It improves health and increases the degree of physical fitness, overall flexibility, strength and balance. It keeps the skeleton healthy, strong and flexible. The physical exercise in the class is harmonious and balanced. Yoga is not just about stretching but also about the power of body and mind. Asanas (body positions) strengthen weakened and stretch shortened body parts. Yoga games and breathing exercises are an effective therapy for hyperactive children. Children learn to perceive their body and their emotions.

 Yoga helps kids to:
  • Improve scoliosis;
  • Improve memory and attention thanks to breathing exercises;
  • Calm the mind, eliminate behavioral disorders, neuroses and other mental disorders;
  • Alleviate allergies or bladder diseases;
  • Eliminate improper posture, spine problems, flat feet, improve flexibility;
  • Support and develop children’s activity and creativity;
  • Increase the empathy of children and their relationship to art;
  • Improve learning outcomes;
  • Improve orientation in space.

What to bring to the class?

Lightweight clothing that does not hinder movement. It is important to feel comfortable during exercise. Yoga is practiced barefoot, or in socks on a yoga mat, which we of course lend to children at the studio. At Harmony studio we also have all the tools we use when practicing. Bolsters, pillows, foot massage balls, belts, blankets, and clean water and herbal tea are always available.

This class takes the form of a course for which your child needs to be pre-registered at