Tai Chi is a Chinese art that brilliantly combines dynamic meditation (consciousness development), martial art (self-defense), and chi-kung (the art of working with energy).

In the first phase, we learn mainly the basic principles such as relaxation, correct body posture, coordination, alignment of movements, etc. We learn that by standing and staying in positions. Subsequently, the exercises are inserted into different sequences. These sequences are initially practiced slowly, with emphasis on accuracy of movement. This is the form of Tai Chi that most people probably know. Later, these movements can be performed with incredible dynamism. Each movement of these sequences has its real martial use and at the same time it positively affects the circulation of energy in the body.

Exercising these sequences develops perception and feeling, which occurs after mastering the basic physical principles. Depending on good and persistent practice, this step shifts the Tai Chi in a tremendous way and allows you to enjoy working with energy in everyday life.

This is a gradual and fully natural development in the right order, because sensitivity and widespread perception without proper rooting and foundation are useless and can cause problems. This is followed by the training of “force” (energy). The correct structure of the body is built by proper exercise and at the same time is a reflection of inner opening, patience and sensitivity. It is accompanied by an extraordinary strength and ability to work with energy in all its forms (physical, mental and spiritual).

The exploration and journey to the inside of his being leads to an understanding of the true state of things, and thus, of course, to kindness, endless compassion and the wish of happiness to all beings. The current “by-product” is, for example, the ability to heal yourself and others and to manage difficult life situations with understanding and detachment.