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Veronika Vataman

Veronika Vataman

Nature is the mother of my essence. Unity is the essence of my being. Yoga is Unity.

The word yoga means unity, coherence, abandonment of perception – me and my body, me and others; and transformation into the perception of physical and mental being, the world, the universe and everything contained in them in a unified form. These values ​​accompany me in my life.

My journey led me through different countries and practices. First, I tried Tai Chi in Bermuda, where purely spiritual interest combined with physical practice and knowledge of the body and its energy. I got enthusiastic about Chinese medicine, which I wanted to study. But life took me to a different direction and I humbly accepted what it was offering – a qigong course in London, a masseur course, and then I finally came to yoga. For years I have been cultivating my physical and mental being, trying to bring them into everyday life. A yoga teacher training made it possible for me. In London, ZenYoga Teachers Training, Wellbeing and Meditation Teachers Training, and in Slovakia, I earned Power Yoga Instructor certificate.

I am an active member and volunteer of the London Zen Sangha and I am continuously learning at various workshops and retreats both at home in Slovakia and abroad.

I would like to share my experience and practice with you at my yoga for healthy spine classes, Zen yoga and regular Sunday group meditation. Also, on Tuesday yoga in Strba.

Every last Thursday of the month I practice as a volunteer at the Senior House in Tatranska Strba. Indeed, volunteering is an extremely positive fulfilling activity. I am looking for people who would come with me to create lovely moments filled with hand massage and conversations with elderly people. If volunteering attracts you, please contact me as soon as we meet 😊.

I look forward to seeing you.